Guide To Assembling The Perfect Squid Game-Inspired Halloween Costume

You might be asking the question, Is it appropriate to wear the garb of these poor souls, who struggle and kill one another as a way to outlast a deadly children’s game? Your heart is in the suitable place, I assure you, however nevertheless we must face this query with an emphatic “yes.” We must wear these tracksuits as Halloween costumes—and even on casual errands—merely because they’re too good not to wear. Director Hwang Dong-hyuk didn’t marry such attractive colours for us to simply ignore their potential beyond the screen. And besides, since when have moral quandaries ever stopped you from dressing like, say, Katniss Everdeen or Darth Vader? It is fiction, baby!

First, after all, we should address these tracksuits. H&M makes an ideal dark green dupe you’ll be able to wear well into winter, although we would advocate removing any numbers you iron on to designate your spot within the Squid Game ranks. (You might turn a few heads on the grocery store in case you aren’t careful.) Finish off the look with a clean white sneaker—this Vans pick is considered one of our favorites for each dress-up and everyday use, in order for you something that will final previous the holiday.

You possibly can have everybody in your group wear these magnificent green suits, however for some added color, might we recommend having one or two friends don the Squid Game guard uniform? All you need is a bold pink jumpsuit and a kind of masks that looks like it belongs on a Ps controller. With the options beneath, you should purchase an all-in-one costume or DIY it with some sturdier pieces.

Don’t inform me this look is not high fashion. Just because the particular person behind that mask is likely a sociopath doesn’t mean he is not a magician with metallic! That cold, geometric face paired with the glimmer of silver is chilling and chic. You might splurge on a trench coat, or shoot for the stars with this fabulous jacket-and-pant combo from Missguided.

Arguably, no group costume could be full without someone dressed as the terrifying robot-doll from the red light, green light game. Thanktotally, she has decent fashion sense, which means shopping for her look is seamless. You’ll want a easy orange mini dress layered over a scalloped-collar yellow shirt, paired with Mary Janes and thigh-high socks. It’s going to really feel very schoolgirl-meets-serial killer, which we suppose is the point.

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